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These tracks were recorded during the Thrills & Chills LP sessions and saved for this special, digital only release.

Return of The New Trocaderos!
"It has been a year-and-a-half since The New Trocaderos released Thrills & Chills - my runaway choice for 2015 Album of the Year and legitimate nominee for album of the decade. So it goes without saying that I'm delighted to announce the arrival of the first new music from this super group in 18 months. New Trox consists of three songs from the Thrills & Chills sessions that the band had saved for the purposes of releasing as an EP. It came out yesterday as a digital-only release available from The New Trocs' Bandcamp.

"I always admire bands that are willing to hold out some of their "A" material for singles and EPs, and clearly that's the case here. These aren't outtakes or odds & ends - they're top quality tracks! Kurt Baker handles lead vocals on "You Broke My Heart" - which is the the most straight-up power pop song The New Trocs have ever done. It could almost pass for a Kurt Baker solo track, but with those old school rock n' roll harmonies that this band is so known for. "Come On Girl" features Geoff Palmer on lead vocals. When he takes the mic, you know you're getting pure pop in the '60s style (I still think "Dream Girl" is the band's greatest song to date). Here he and the boys conjure the magic of the '63-'65 era Beach Boys so convincingly that it's clear he ought to be in the Beach Boys! Steve Philp (guesting on lead guitar) and Kris Rodgers (killing it always on piano) take this tune over the top with an amazing pair of solos. Finally, "The Air" is a quintessential rhythm & blues number with Baker back on vocals. This song is a fine example of why I'm such a huge fan of Chaney as a lyricist. He's so good at writing timeless love songs, but then he can turn around and write a song like this with a strong social/ecological conscience. The lyrics are clever and quite funny, but the message is dead serious. Baker - so acclaimed as a songwriter and performer but perhaps a little underrated as a pure vocalist - does an amazing job selling Chaney's call to action.

"The New Trocaderos continue to be the best of pop and garage and rock n' roll all in one band. New Trox just might be the finest of their three singles so far. It's available now from Bandcamp and CD Baby for just $3. A vinyl release in the future is not out of the question, so stay tuned!"


"Good golly Miss Molly, and you too Peggy Sue: When all was said and rocking, the New Trocaderos were left with a trio of terrific tracks that didn’t make the final cut for 2015’s Thrills and Chills long player. Those tracks make up this top-flight EP, which some folks, including me, might just peg as our favorite Trocs recordings ever. Which is really saying something, when you consider that pretty much everything these gentlemen have released hits the mark.

"The catchy deets: “Come On Girl” tops a tasty pop and roll sundae with a Mick Jagger-meets-Joey-Ramone lead vocal and an out-of-left-field barrelhouse piano solo; “The Air” practically defines the idea of blues-pop, rolling out delicious sax and electric guitar lines in the first instrumental break, and a tasty Fats Domino piano run in the second. The cherry on top of this sundae is a deft mix of Everly-Brothers-meets-Ramones-meets-The-Cherry-Drops vocal harmonies atop a crunchy rock ‘n’ roll base.

"Cheery, chunky and clearly clapalongable, New Trox is a must-get for your pop music collection. Play these songs at your next party and watch the dance floor shake, rattle, and roll!

"Now playing in rotation on Pure Pop Radio: “Come On Girl,” “The Air,” and “You Broke My Heart”.
Where to Get It: Bandcamp"


"The New Trocaderos return today with a sweet and very cool 3 track EP sporting that irresistible combination of Power Pop, Garage Rock and old school Rock 'n' Roll that we've come to love since their first release in late-2013.

"Check out the closing track, "The Air," a plea to heal the planet set against a splendid R&B groove and some nifty piano work."
Jeff Raskin - PopThatGoesCrunch


released February 14, 2017

You Broke My Heart (Chaney/Baker)
Come On Girl (Chaney/Palmer)
The Air (Chaney)

Kurt Baker - lead vocals on You Broke My Heart & The Air, harmony vocals and lead and rhythm guitars on You Broke My Heart, bass on all tracks;
Geoff Palmer - electric & acoustic rhythm guitars, lead vocal on Come On Girl, lead guitar on The Air, and background vocals on You Broke My Heart and The Air;
Brad Marino - rhythm guitars on You Broke My Heart & Come On Girl, background vocals on You Broke My Heart and Come On Girl;
Kris "Fingers" Rodgers - all keyboards, and background and harmony vocals on The Air;
Rick Orcutt - drums;

Special Guests:
Steve Philp - guitar solo on Come On Girl
Nick Mainella – saxophone solo on The Air

Recorded and engineered at The Wild Arctic by Dean Baltulonis - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Mixed by Kris "Fingers" Rodgers at Standish Rock City - Portland, Maine
Arranged, co-mixed, and produced by Michael Chaney
Mastered by Benjamin Hove at Bolbronx Recording Studio, Odense, DK (

Graphic design by Dan "Bashie" Larsen (



all rights reserved


The New Trocaderos

The NEW TROCADEROS are Brad Marino and Geoff Palmer, the driving force behind THE CONNECTION--collectors of 7 Coolest Songs in the World at Little Steven's Underground Garage--Kurt Baker of the KURT BAKER BAND, himself honored with 5 Coolest Song awards, Kris "Fingers" Rodgers, one Coolest Song, and Rick Orcutt on drums.

Hot Tip: Don't argue with Silvio Dante.
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Track Name: You Broke My Heart
Oh, oh, oh-o-o-o-o,
You broke my heart,
Bop, bop, bop bop ah, duh, duh,
Oh, oh, whoa-o-o-o-o,
You broke my heart,
Bop, bop, bop bop ah, duh, duh,
Bop, bop, bop bop ah, duh, duh,

Growing up you were a goddess to me,
But you were a few years older,
I'd see you datin' all those college guys,
And cry on my own shoulder,
You moved away to the city one day,
I know it’s sorta crazy but I felt so betrayed,


I didn’t think you even noticed me,
Cause I was just a punk kid neighbor,
Now I’m grown and you’re back in town,
And you want me to do you a favor,
I barely stepped inside your door,
When we kissed and you squeezed and whispered more, more, more,


A million thoughts were racin’ through my mind,
My head and my heart were spinning,
In a whirlwind how could I know,
You’d end it at the beginning,

After a while you said I had to go,
I was crushed, but you showed me no pity,
You were leavin' in an hour or so,
Headin' back to your man in the city,
I walked away so broken hearted,
Our love had hit the peak and it had hardly started,

Track Name: Come On Girl
This love’s a crazy scene,
Red hot or cold and mean,
Got my head spinnin’ around,
Can’t tell the sky from the ground,
Oh baby, please hear me,
Is this really how it’s gotta be?

Come on girl, today is a new day,
Come on girl, start thinkin’ a new way,

I want to show you off to my friends,
I want to show you nights without end,
I wanna have afternoon tea,
I wanna dance till a quarter to three,
Don’t start in calling me names,
I’m tired of playin’ all of those games,

Oh, baby please,
I know you’re lost and lonely,
See the forest for the trees,
I could be your one and only,

True love is more than a dream,
My love is pure and clean,
I’m ready girl to meet ya halfway,
Say the word girl I’ll never stray,
Reach out now 'n' take my hand,
I will be your lover man,
Wake up girl don’t be uptight,
Can’t you see the time is right,

Come on girl, start thinkin’ a new way,
Come on girl, today is a new day,
Come on girl, start thinkin’ a new way,
Come on girl, today is a new day,
Track Name: The Air
I look out my window
I can't see the sky,
I always look stoned,
Cause of red in my eyes,
Won’t you tell me baby,
How can I go on?

What people call air,
Is funky and brown,
Can't see City Hall,
When I'm downtown,
Won’t you tell me baby,
How can I go on,

Kids and oldsters,
Choke on the street,
Birds are walkin' at 50 feet,
Ya know, it's time to do something,
To turn it around,
When you can see the air that you breathe,

There ain't enough water,
For some of the folks,
So glad climate change,
Is merely a hoax,
Won't ya tell me, baby, how can I go on,

Way up north,
It’s gettin' hotter and hotter,
The Lower East Side,
Gonna be under water,
Won’t ya tell me baby,
How can I go on